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                Professional Landscape Lighting Designs and Installations

      Basic Installations                                     Mid-Level Installations                                 Premium Installations

          Additional Designs and Images can be viewed on my Photo Page.

                 Competitive pricing and installation charges are listed on Labor Rates and Schedule Page.

                      Professional Installation and Professional Results.

  Behind this door is a world of Lights, both Romantic, Pleasing, Sensual, dazzling and Eye Catching.

The added Safety and Security it affords to the Homeowner is only measured by secure feelings of comfort.

The enhanced beauty of lighting creates a visual effect in appearance, as well increased property value and lower insurance premiums

All systems are tailored to the Homeowners lifestyle, and are completely automated with today's advance Lighting technology, in both the equipment used to energy efficient lamps, which both include Halogen and LED.

It is said that there is no greater beauty in lights, except that of the Stars in Heaven.

All systems incorporate 12 volt Low voltage applications and devices and are completely safe, and void of any Electrically related problems.

For a free on property demonstration, Feel free to call for an appointment. I guarantee, you will love what you see.