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Independent Contractor's Network LLC.

INC LLC came about as a institution and Contracting Service dedicated in forming a bond with tradesmen and women whose skills and talents were in demand within the residential home remodelling market. I personally established contact with these professional contractors by forming a network to make their services available to the general public. My goal was to bridge talent, skills along with the trades under one umbrella network which when the need of a specific services was called for, each of these professionals could be summoned and assigned to a specific project, as well as inter communicate with each other to give the client a wide range of choices tailored to their specific needs. Over the years, this has proven to be very successful in respect to establishing a firm foundation and excellent client referral, which is essential in establishing a successful business. As Owner and President of ICN, I have enjoyed my personal relationship with both Clients as well as the workers. I continue to stress professionalism at all levels, all the time, with out exception. When employing our services, you will always be awarded with excellent work ethics, care and personal consideration. We take great pride and satifaction knowing that the job at hand was completed to your overall satifaction.